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The Absolute Guide for Web Development Cost in India 2023

Every business today knows the importance of having a great website, but many small businesses run away from creating websites because of the added cost. 

If you are in the same boat, understand that there is no alternative to a good website. A properly implemented and maintained website can be one of the most effective marketing channels for a company. Now the question is whether your business needs a website, and what is the cost of website design and development in India? Let’s know!

Why is It Important to design a Website?

Let's learn, why a professional website is essential for any business or personal brand. Listed below are the leading reasons, why you should have a website:

  • A website makes an online presence for your business that is open 24×7 for your potential and existing customers.

  • A website gives you creativity for your business. Websites help you build trust in the marketplace.

  • A website is the core of your business. Every interaction with your brand on the internet links to your website.

  • Websites help your audience learn about the products and services offered by your business.

  • With the help of a website, your customers can find you and also contact you online.

  • An attractive website design can leave an eternal and memorable impression on your target audience.

So given above are the reasons why you need a well-designed website. Thus, let's know the cost of making a website in India.

What is the Website Development cost in India?

Whether you have a new startup, a small local business, or an established business, a professionally designed website is essential for specifying and growing your online presence and brand awareness.

The cost to make a website depends on the size and features of the website, with the average cost ranging from ₹10,000 to ₹30,000. The cost of a small eCommerce website can be slightly higher in price, which is ₹15,000 to ₹35,000. As it has additional features such as a payment gateway, product catalogs, and a shopping cart.

Outsourcing web development cost 

Without factoring in device conversion and bank fees, the average cost of outsourcing web development to Indian businesses is between $250 and $1,250. However, the cost to create a website depends on the size, features, and functionalities of the website.

However, these prices do not include the cost of ongoing website maintenance or SEO marketing expenses, which may not depend on the website and the variety of businesses.

Basic websites may not require maintenance, but for advanced websites monthly SEO and maintenance costs can range from ₹5,000 to ₹80,000 ($125 to $2,000).

Different Types of Website Development Costs in India Based On Category 

Given below are the list of different types of Website Building Cost in 2023, from basic website development cost to high-quality website development. So, read and analyze them:

Business Website Development cost in India

The business website development costs depend on the size of the business and the complexity of the website. Small businesses usually need a basic website with essential features, while larger businesses may need a complex website with advanced features and functionality. Hence the cost of a business website starts from ₹16000 ($200).

E-commerce Website Development cost in India

The eCommerce website development cost depends on several factors such as the complexity of the website, the number of products and product categories, the payment gateway, and the shipping or delivery features. 

Costs range from $15,000 to $35,000 ($300 - $1,000) for an eCommerce website with fundamental features like payment gateway integration, product catalogs, product reviews, and a shopping cart.

Depending on the needs, a more sophisticated website with features like customized user experiences and social network purchasing might cost anywhere from 35,000 approx ($1,000) 

Website Development Cost in India for Small Business

The Small Business Website Cost of pages from 5 to 25 is ₹10,000 to ₹30,000 approx ($250-$750). This includes essential business website features such as dynamic design, SEO setup, lead generation, Google Maps integration, chat functionality, and professional email addresses.

Website Development Cost in India for Big Business

A big business needs a more advanced website with more features and functionality. These may include e-commerce capabilities, online reservation systems, and customer portals. 

Due to such features, the cost of web development in India can range from ₹30,000 to ₹2 lakhs ($750-$5,000) or more, depending on the specific requirements and the scope of the project.

Website Development Cost in India for Enterprises

Larger companies need a more complex website with advanced features like custom apps, user dashboards, and advanced search capabilities. The cost of developing a website for a large company in India can range from ₹2 lakhs or more ($5000+), depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

Now, when we make a website it is important to purchase a domain so let's know about the domain and its pricing.

The Cost of domain registration in India

The cost of registering a domain in India depends on various factors, such as the type of domain, the domain registrar, the popularity of the domain, and the registration period.

Explain the Domain and Its Pricing 

A domain is a notable web address, which recognizes a website on the Internet. It is registered by a domain registrar, who has a corporation license to manage domain names. In India, the cost of registering a domain name can range from 99 to 2,500 or more per year, depending on the extension of the domain name, such as .com,.in,.co.in,.org,.clean, and so on.

Generally, popular domain extensions, such as .com, .net, and .org, are relatively expensive compared to country-specific domain extensions, such as .in or .co.in. Additionally, the cost of domain registration may also depend on the selected domain registrar, as different registrars may offer different prices or discounts.

Furthermore, some registrars include extra services with domain registration, such as domain privacy protection, email hosting, website hosting, and website builders, which can raise the total cost of domain registration.

Note: the cost of domain registration in India is usually charged yearly and the cost of renewal may depend on the selected registrar and domain extension.

Now, in website development after domain we need hosting so let's know what is hosting and its pricing:

What is the service cost of Hosting in India?

Website hosting is the service of storing and serving website content on an Internet-accessible web server. There are various types of web hosting, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting, each with its own set of costs and features.

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In India, the cost of website hosting can range from ₹50 per month to ₹5,000 or more. It is determined by the hosting provider, the hosting plan, and the hosting features.

Shared hosting is generally the cheapest type of hosting, which starts from ₹50 per month, making it an ideal choice for small businesses and individuals. VPS and dedicated hosting are more expensive, with monthly fees ranging from $500 to $5,000. These types of hosting are suitable for websites with more resources, flexibility, and website security.

Concluded with Website development cost in India

Websites are an essential component of any growing business. The layout, graphics, load time, content, and other aspects of your site must be flawless to provide a positive user experience.

Moreover, it is impossible to eliminate errors when creating a website from scratch. However, these errors can cost you money, delay your ability to recover, and cause you to lose website visitors. However, these website errors can cost your business a lot of money. 

Thus, for this reason, we strongly encourage you to hire an experienced and reliable web development company. Also, find a company that assesses website building costs within your budget.

Hence, the cost to build a website in India depends on your choice more than anything, such as what kind of website you need, what requirements you are having, and what features you want.

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